Here we go again!


  • “Another one?”
  • “Wait,didn’t she have one a these already?”
  • “Krissy this blog new or nah?”

gdm |My head big or nah?|


Doing this new blog has me thinking here like “Uhmm Why Kris-Ann?”,  like every summer you start a “new” blog and stop and like it’s going to change anything. I should not even be surprised, in which I am not, have you seen what I do to with my hair? I would add shocking colours but I still want my Mommy to own me up as her own and for those who know me and my room I am always trying to do new things to it adding something just to make it “more Kris-Ann” so I am always looking for a little change not throwing away old for new but personally I like to customize whatever I own. Just so it can be more “ME”, I add a little twist then I know for sure it is mine. With ALLLL that being said, the previous site I signed up with did not allow me to be awesome. So, yes here we go again. This time I will try my best to be consistent even when THE STRUGGLES OF  UNIVERSITY LIFE gets the BEST of me.

PLUS I am a lady, I want something, don’t know what I want, but I want it NOW. A good reason right or nah? lol

The link to my previous blog even tho I do plan to copy and paste. Don’t know how but I am going to make it work 🙂

Thank you for Reading

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