My First Time


So my first Business adventure started in the living room of a college boarding house where we all as young ladies were talking about ways to make money.

“Hmm why don’t we keep a fish fry?”



That was pretty much it! Those words were everything we started planning instantly (yes seriously) inviting family members, friends and just random persons, yes we were determined in making this a successful event. I must say this was one of the hardest things I have experience with pressure, being exhausted, not meeting a deadline and a lot more things were a challenge but as university ladies we somehow understood each other and knew how to deal with one another. Which was phenomenal and I have to lift my hat off to these awesome young ladies because to have   S I X     O E S T R O G E N  hormones in one setting, LOL trust me planning an event is NOT easy, but anything that comes easy is not good anyways.


The Journey with worrying if fish was going to run out on us at the fish shop, to not having a freezer to store the fish, to not selling off tickets in time. Well all this made a remarkable  U-turn, when we saw all the cars parked out in the drive way we all smiled at each other and said “nigga we made it”.

The next day after ALL THE EXCITEMENT we cleaned the house, sat down and relaxed that Saturday and was recommending each other on the good work and point out situations that could have been better. #TEAMWORK

I am happy and grateful my experience went the way it did, I am now a wiser young lady, well we all are.

We call ourselves the 3UC girls, We are friends but most days we roll like sisters.


IMG_4118 IMG_4132 IMG_4134 IMG_4136



Thank you for Reading

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