10 Things that I Find Annoying

10 Things that annoy me and I am sure you can relate, especially females.  


1. Dah “PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST BABES” ” GOOD BADY” “PSSSST”  ” HEMPRESS” you see them something there, please stop. If you want to get a female’s  attention a decent “excuse me” will work, because then we are going to be curious to why you saying “excuse me”. Did I drop something? Is something wrong with my outfit?  So trust me we will stop and if you prolong the conversation and the girl not interested so let it be at least you got her attention for couple seconds.

2. When you call me “bae” “bbz” “Babez” “Babes” What is the purpose of adding and taking off letters in the word “babe”? especially “BAE” who came up with that word ? And pluralizing the word babe just really really IRKS ME MAN I am perfectly okay with “Hun” not “Hunny” or “Huny” just H-U-N “Hun” that does the trick.

3. Liars, you ever meet someone and they just lie? No like they LITERALLY  formulate everything until they start believing their own lies. You might even ask the question “How you so lie?” and them PAUSE and THINK and then continue with their lies. It Irks me man!

4. When I have the last piece of meat and you ask for it, like  you were right here when I started eating.  I don’t have a problem sharing food and with the type of friends I have? No man a we say food haffi share and beg fah. But you go wait until I am about to eat my chicken leg? Niqqa!  😥 it IRKS ME MAN.

5. Girls that call themselves ugly, fat and the entire Facebook, Instagram and WORLD know that they are not fat and that they are pretty. But it does not stop there, they going to post things like ” I wish someone could tell me that I am pretty” “no one loves me” “I just fat and ugly” and I am like  “…NO, did she just…” and these girls when you go under their pictures a bare.. ” Gorgeeeeeee” “Pretttty” “Cuteeeee” Why are you a seeking attention weh you already a get? Listen how you see yourself, depicts an image of how you want people to see you. So just stop and don’t IRK ME MAN. 

6. Why are persons afraid of lizards? You all just stop waste y’all fear on lizards and invest the fear into cockroaches, especially the flying ones.  Yea they so IRK me 😦 . I  just fast forward to”run for your life!”

7. Those ugly and cheap dollies that the heads can come off with ease, and the hair is plastic with a hideous colour and their ENTIRE body can just dismantle. Yea those IRK ME MAN, I HATE THEM!!

8.  Why are you staring at my phone screen?  Is not an Iphone but is a myPhone. So don’t IRK me man.

9. People who chat people business and you and them not even that close or cool! and you sitting there like

Embedded image permalink  …stop IRKING ME.


10. I am an animal lover, So it really IRKS me when persons mistreat animals, whether it is a dog,cat or even a rodent (that is not being used as an experiment, confessions of a science student). But yea guys treat animals with love and care,I have three dogs and they have THREE DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES, most days I see them as little humans that bark.

 R.I.P to Ricky


 R.I.P Joe

 R.I.P to the humming bird I found and tried to nurse

 R.I.P to my favourite cat EVER Sam.

Yes, animal lover.


Thank you for Reading

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