Priorities lead to Independency

Why is it so hard to do the right thing? When you know the wrong thing and the decision that you are about to make deep down you know it is probably the most f*cked up decision out of all decisions, but guess what… You still made that same decision that you truly knew wasn’t the best but was the worst


Since entering the tertiary level I have an understanding of peer pressure, that feeling of wanting to “belong”. It’s like a feeling that MAKES you FEEL as if you HAVE to; not because you want to. Its amazing the levels people would go to be recognized by a certain class of people. The same class that their parents are wealthy enough to allow them to live the way they live or they are in a stable job that they can afford the “POSH” aka “UPTOWN” aka “UPT” lifestyle.

You have different types of persons that strive to be apart of this lifestyle but cannot maintain it but still seems to try to live it.

Want to live OXTAIL life, but have CHICKEN BACK salary.

You have:

1. The person that will rather take the last in their name to go to a party or buy an outfit, then starve.

2. The person that rather not go to school or to class because either they rather to be hanging with the “cool” individuals or they went out the night before and really just can’t be bothered because they are tired from “turning up” from the night before. 

3. The females that would rather be treated like shxt because that same man  that treats them this way pays for the clothes on her back, food on her table and the shoes on her feet.


She stays in this messed up relationship because she WANTS recognition from the other girls or another reason is to cause jealousy among other girls.

And the famous thought in her head..

“I want to leave him, but how will I maintain this lifestyle, how would I survive without HIM and then *PAM*go laugh after me”

Well for a start..

leff the boy! Run him!
Don’t care about what *PAM* thinks.

You won’t live the high maintenance lifestyle that you are use to for a while but you can gradually reach back with one step at a time and most importantly..


4. The people that hype off other people money.
These ones grieve me the most!
If someone is “sponsoring” you, please HUMBLE yourself. No..seriously the HYPE life is not for you.



Of course, nothing is wrong with someone taking care of you(but don’t be dependent on them), or you going out and turning up. But set your PRIORITIES straight. Also not everything you see is the way it is, never judge people and never assume. Life is funny no one is perfect and everyone you see and say:

I wish I could live the way they do

They also have problems to deal with and it is possible that you would never exchange the problems you face now for theirs.

Thanks for Reading.

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