Jamaican living in Jamaica


I think Jamaica is one of the most interesting places to live… funny how I would say this and I have never lived anywhere else.

Oh well..

The culture here is really funny to me. I am going to list a few things that I find entertaining :

 Jamaican Taxis

Taking Jamaican taxi has got to be the most entertaining thing in life. The passengers talking about their personal life such as  who scamming who, they get real deep in their sex life, women and men not afraid to admit that they are giving their partners BUN (cheating) . You also have the religious and political talkers that I ignore.

Then you have the actual taxi men who knows how to entertain their passengers either by his driving, his music, by having Barry G on the radio and commentating  or just by what he is saying.

The taxi is usually like 3 in the front, including the driver of course! and  10 thousand in the back and the driver is still going to say  “ONE AND READY”

If you sit in the front seat it is more and likely on arrival to your destination you and the driver will be best friends at this point.


    Jamaican Parties and Parking

In Jamaica if a party is being held in a community or a particular area, best believe my Jamaican people are going to maximize on this opportunity to hustle some money.

They will turn the road side and an empty lot into a parking space and CHARGE. They not even charging some small money that an actual parking lot going to charge  (which is usually $200.00) DEM A CHARGE LIKE $700.00 especially when foreigners are involved; and  you better pay that money if you want your vehicle to remain secured.

Jamaican Vendors 

Then you have the vendors.

What you want ?


Them have it!

Water? Juice? Candy?   download

Them have it!

Cigarette? WEED?

Them have it!

Anything you want, them have it!

If them nuh have it them ago find it sell you!

I honestly sit and I observe my Jamaican people with pleasure. We are one set of marketers, we maximize on our resources and different opportunities to make some money. I believe as a country if we had the resources and money to invest in these people for their marketing ideas we would be better of as an island

Trust me on that one.

Smoking Weed (Marijuana)

Weed has been decriminalized, which means that we wont get charge for having small amounts of marijuana.

Jamaica has been sterotyped for our weed smoking and I can’t blame foreigners for asking the sterotypical question

“You smoke weed?”

The media portrays our weed smoking and I don’t think  we should be ashamed of it, because it is our culture, it is our people, it is us. Now get this straight not every Jamaican smokes weed. If you think every Jamaican smokes weed that is where you are WRONG!

But if I should give it a ration I would say for every ten (10) Jamaicans one (1) of them smokes marijuana. Jamaica is the type of country where you can smoke weed in front of the police and they don’t trouble you.


With that being said we move on….

Jamaican Police Officers

Lawd havis mercy a weh mi fi start ya now?

They are one set of unruly individuals. I don’t know if unruly is even suitable…they just might be worst than unruly. Sad but true…

” One bad apple spoil the whole bunch” meaning not all police officers are corrupt, but the one corrupt officer make them all look bad.

The corrupt officers will stop a civilian and ask ” left or Right” now this left and right concept really means

“you wah mi write (right) a ticket?” or “you a go leff (left) some money”

enough about them!

Jamaican Street Side Food


Please bare in mind that this food might not be the cleanest food but we nuh care we LOVE street side food. As long as it taste GOOD and it CHEAP.

Of course you must know our JERK CHICKEN  aka PAN CHICKEN, ROAST YAM AND SALTFISH and you cannot forget the WOOD FYA GOAT and WHITE RICE (my favourite).

Then the traditional fried chicken, rice and peas wehevery cook shop will have!


 Jamaican Music 

Dancehall and Reggae – Best music in the WORLD  hands down!


The Beaches

Go google ” Jamaican Beaches” – that is exactly how it is, beautiful and calm





Thanks For Reading 

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