“Technology a RUN di PLACE but don’t let Writing Utensils and Books die” written by a Millennial

May 17, 2017 

This blog was inspired by  Histatussin , rain, my blanket,ginger tea, my bestfriend, and my 8 year old cousin.

My one year old niece knows how to go on Youtube and select what she wants to watch …wait maybe you missed what I said…MY ONE YEAR OLD NIECE KNOWS HOW TO SELECT WHAT SHE WANTS ON YOUTUBE…  and I know for sure there are many other children out there that are younger than her doing the same thing…isn’t that AMAZING?!

I was not interested in Youtube until I was like in HIGH SCHOOL, My parents got their first cellphones when I was a big child, I got my first cellphone at 12 yo entering high school, my cousin got his cellphone when he was 7 yo.

Does this mean my child will have theirs on exiting the WOMB??????

At the rate the world is evolving with technology, I can only say:


It is time for us to realize that the love for technology with this new generation will continuously grow. However it is our responsibility, as the older generation to ensure we keep it a little old school, ensuring that they read…don’t force them…allow them to select a reading item of their choice…that’s how the fun comes in when they WANT to do it and they get to read WHAT they want. Let them write stories from their imagination, let them explore their thoughts, let them read it to you and be excited no matter how silly it might sound, be happy they are using their brains in a natural manner.

As stated above the interest of children changes as the years go by, it is different, what we found interesting at their age, they wont necessarily find it interesting, so we have to allow them to be selective and this is where their mindset will strengthen, which is important for their growth.

The other day …May 13, 2017 to be specific… my 8 year old cousin made a Note on his mom’s phone, entitled ” Nate’s Birthday Presents List” and that list entailed a number of Tech items seen below


However I got a bicycle at 8 and it was then I spent hours outside while my mom was in her garden learning how to ride without training wheels. I was determined, I literally spent hours outside practicing…as simple as this might sound I was determined to get it done, with determination,practice and a strong mindset I learned how to ride my bike…on my own. I could have given up ..but YAH GIRL DID NOT!

As I grew up, younger me inspires me daily, with the simple things she did to make herself a better person.No matter how insignificant to others it is a big deal for me.



My cousin already knows how to ride a bike, this was achieved at 6 years old.

Do you see where I am going ?

Everyone has a different path and a different journey and with the intensity of Technology… Tech babies are learning how to achieve certain things way faster than we did… this is also because they are born in a fast pace world, where information is readily available and easily accessible.


Technology is powerful

I love it and I love when I can go to someone younger than myself and say

“Hey can you show me how to do this”

and they are able!

The younger generation have Tech brains… well as you know I am a Millennial, I am also heavily influenced by technology, it’s a slight addiction (lol… I said slight)…A

NYWAYS MI A LEARN! Yes I am still in the learning phase of controlling my addiction and need  (shooks I mean want lol) for tecchnology and being connected.

BUT the incoming generation ( Oh Boy!) …My younger cousins, nieces and nephews coming to the house the first thing is



I plan to be a Mom one day and my babies are going to be Tech babies (obviously…they are MY offsprings) ..I know this because the house is going to be surrounded with the latest gadgets between myself and Hubby’s… so…yes I know they will be Tech babies.

However, I do think that the responsibility is really in OUR HANDS (Older Generation) to ensure that we don’t let  books die, we NEED to ensure that we won’t let writing on paper dies. I just think those 2 items will always be important for growth. Yes typing is one thing but I think when you use a writing utensil to write on paper it helps the brain to remember, it exercises memory.

OH! and BOOKS!…BOOKS have to stay alive.


…yes there are eBooks but nothing like a nice physical book to flip the pages  and physically highlight or write a note beside your favourite sentence.

I think the world needs more outside games with technology ..maybe they are in the making but we need to have a balance in life we cannot make it about technology all the time.

We NEED time for physical activities, get your baby sister, cousin, brother, niece, nephew… involved !

I am currently under the weather and I am here giving my cousin spelling words… he thinks I am strict but I am dong this because he is my baby, he is a future leader and I just know he is going to be GREAT!

It’s hard to get him off his tablet, the TV , the PS4 or the XBOX 360.. gosh I just got a headache listing all the things and becaus he says things like

“I am Nate.. the great.. the powerful eight”


How I know he is smart is that he can tell me every detail about each game.. its really incredible but I ensure that when I get a chance..WE HAVE  writing utensil and paper time or book time.

Initially he might not be that enthused but he comes around!

The vision is to always keep writing utensils, paper and BOOKS ALIVE! 

Thanks For Reading 

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