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Listen I just spent the the last four hours behind this screen and a book.. but clearly spending a lot of time behind this screen isn’t the problem because clearly I am still here….

However remaining focus is…

I am raw truth baby. I am being distracted too many times.

I am human..

Anyways I gave someone a timeline..(Timothy.. that’s his name), that I would give him a supported document that at the time I did not start compiling yet but had to and the words I used were

“I will send this no later than 6:30pm”

while typing those words to him I was totally cool with it, I was like “YEAHHHHH I CAN DO THIS” (in my head).. when I sat my fine ass down to actually do this thing I was like

“What the hell did I just do..6:30??????, seriously Kris-Ann?,sigh I can’t with you, like sometimes you need to chill with this, Oh I can do it, I am focus”  

yes I talk to myself. ALOT

Anyway so I continued to seat my fine ass down while constantly watching the time and each time I wanted to go get something important like FOOD ( if you know me, you know I love food !) anyways I looked at the time…and I was like 

“You better stay hungry”

I hate breaking promises. 😦 

So here I am trying to remain FOCUS. I am dying. I am interchangeable having conversations on whatsapp, twitter, (if you know me you can picture me) I have one finger in my head rubbing it,I am staring out of space, wondering when someone going to marry me, overthinking. You know the NORM.

Looked at the time..I am like I can’t be a delinquent, I can’t so head in the book, pen in the Wright hand.. I mean right hand. I mean it could have stayed at Wright hand because it is still my hand.. anyways I am going…I am getting it. Like a Jockey on the horse I am whipping and going and riding and I am winning.

Re-read the above… that was an ungoing process until I pressed sent to Timothy.

Lets do a break down.

Focused, Foolishness-ized, Focused,Foolishness-ized,Focused,Foolishness-ized,Focused,Foolishness-ized,Focused,Foolishness-ized,Focused,Foolishness-ized,Focused,Foolishness-ized,Focused,Foolishness-ized

*Clicks send*

I hope you got it.. Foolishness-ized—> Hypnotized 

You  better did not just go “Ohhhhhhhh” because that was CLEAR!

I am joking.:)

If you can Focus on something constantly for like for four hours,

you GO!

But Mi!!! no way  

Balance is important.. .and balance for me entails staring out of space, doing that hair thing with my finger and overthinking. 



You would think that after clicking send I would have found my way to the kitchen. Yea…No… Totally in blog mode.


What is the purpose of my blog?

I have no idea.

I just felt like I needed to get my thoughts out my head and place them in a cloud. 

What are my thoughts?… the problem is that they are still in my head. 

I live in my head you see, many times I think it is my safe place. 

I observe and remain silent.

Have you ever experienced silent Kris?

I am sure you haven’t, (because I talk a lot)


This is just one of those blogs… with no purpose, well it has a purpose, I just not sure it.  I will enjoy blogging and one day this blog will be meaningful to me.



see before the

” I kiddin” that was me going off & being bratty …. lol

I have lovely friends & I am a handful but they love me the same! 

I feel sorry for my hubby already…I give you advanced kisses baby.

I have one particular male friend that knows me like the back of his hand. 


Its weird.. 

He knows me, he reads me and he reads me well.

I thought only mommy could read me. 

He tells me things about me that I didn’t even take out of my head…*rolls eyes* 

He the ONLY person that does not take

” I don’t want to talk about it”

from me. My other friends take it because they know when I don’t want to talk about it…I just don’t want to talk about it which is fine 


No matter my state… he gets me to talk, with no comfort, just pure authentic truth, truth that will make me feel worst, but it is honest truth that is in my head and I am forced to think about it & when I think about it ( me thinking about it might take awhile) 

#JustSaying ( Days…Weeks) 

However when I am done, my response would be returning with my tail between my legs then saying

” Why do you always have to be right!?!?!?!?”

and of course he laughs and says

” I told you so, you should have listened to me” 

I should have listened, but where is the fun if I don’t experience the teachings on my own! 

So I am probably going to keep not listening. Lol

I don’t know how he does it but his reactions to my overthinking makes me laugh hysterically. 

& I kotch this here because I am appreciative of that, instead of getting annoyed or neatly switching the topic. 

THIS VERY moment… I am totally appreciative of someone being that way towards me, someone that meets me on an intellectual , spiritual and emotional level.

That’s Authentic.  

That’s fucking GOLD 

Thanks (I have so many names for you that I don’t know which one I am going to put, so I just won’t put any) 

With that being said, don’t go searching for a characteristic of someone in another person.

People are different. Accept that.

These things flow and if it doesn’t flow don’t force it. 

” Happiness is easy for you”

( Thank -You for appreciating my thoughts, taking the time to knowing me and most importantly not giving up on me)

Happy Saturday 

Thanks for reading !

Now you here wondering if I am single….

Single as a dollar

Was that lame? ..you can tell me





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