Happy Monday


Hey babes! 🙂 


In love with Estelle and Tarrus Riley – Love like ours

Estelle ft. Tarrus Riley – Love Like Ours , dedicated to my future Husband. 

You know I saw something that said ” I will be okay, I just have to be dramatic first” I felt that to my heart. It spoke to me I was like

” So me”

( I don’t know why I got to be extra, just how I am)

Well I just felt really inspired to write on my blog 🙂 I have so many things to accomplish today, but of course before I get going I had to drink coffee & type a blog post. 


Coffee is my EVERYTHING!


Big man ting. mi happy!

I am happy with my life, with myself. 

I am happy with all the goals I have accomplished thus far for 2017!

Like getting my DEGREE! * STEPS OUT* 




(only Jamaicans will get this lol)

I see my degree as badge that is just congratulating me for surviving University.


Am I going to use my Bachelors of Science in Applied Sciences: Major Forensic Chemistry in real life?

Probably not, but who knows. 

Doubt it. But life is funny.

Listen the other night I was watching ” Plastic Cup Boyz” produced by Kevin Hart on Netflix, yooooo that was funny !!!

Anyways.. one guy (Joey, that’s his name) reached out to me he was like

“Giving a shout out to those who graduated from college, especially if you not working in you field”

(ME: Big up myself)

He went on “wasted four-five years of your Mother****ing life”

Listeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn, who tell him fi say that I POPPED UP (I died of laughter)!

GO listen I found the link on youtube, but quality better on Netflix.


Kevin Hart: Plastic Cup Boyz First Public 2015 Full Show

The Journey I endured to attaining my degree included  sleep less nights, tears, negativity,  fun times, social activities(Parties), heartbreaks, confusion, career building events, trying to find myself, trying to feel like I belong, hustling for pocket money, EVERYTHING!

My Journey did not just included class to class book to book. ONLY

DWL definitely DID NOT! 

I am a well rounded individual,when I went to a very low point in my life being a University student, I was in bed one day and I was reflecting, I remember that day I got up and I started cleaning my room, got rid of everything that caused a negative impact on my life…

I changed.

While changing, I spoke less, was seen less. 

Did not want to be in the spotlight, even though sometimes I just ended up there with no effort & I would just accept it and still try to stay low key 

I Did my own thing and no one could know what I was up to. Stopped asking for peoples’ opinions and just acted on my own because I don’t need anyone’s opinion on how to live my life. Of course I would ask for advice but at the end of the day, I made a decision because of HOW I FELT! 

Let me make my mistakes so I can learn. 

I learned so many thing attending the University of Technology, Jamaica. It was a good experience, I built myself, I started working out, eating healthy, being self motivated and inspired, started taking school more seriously in my last years, got more involved socially, did my own thing, had lunch alone, par alone. Anywhere I went I found company to chit chat, but that was it.

Anything I wanted to do I did not need any friends, to say

“Oh I have no company, so I won’t do it” that was surely not me, anymore…

It was just Me, Myself and I.

I made myself a socially independent person, I don’t know if that actually exists but typing it it sounded right, so listen I came up with that if it did not exist. lol

I am so Happy with life right now, I am not where I want to be, I have a long way to go physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. However I have came a FARRRR way. When I remember the low points in life I smile. I smile and I am like

“WOW I am so proud of myself for having such amazing strength.”

I want you to know if you focus on yourself and your happiness you will accomplish great things! Remember to level up everyday physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. 

Believe it and Accomplish it.

Why do I say this…?



I hate wasting my 24 hours!

Baby steps!

Push Yourself !

Step out of your comfort zone!

& Listen Reggae. 

Time for me to getting going & accomplishing some goals!

One more thing, writing down the list of things you want to accomplish will help!

It will keep you organized and eliminate confusion 🙂

Today’s song: Keznamdi – Darkness Ft. Kabaka Pyramid



Thanks for Reading 🙂





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