Let’s be Real

Let’s be real, can we admit that social media is ruining our lives and allowing us to be extremely exposed to all manners of things this evil world has to offer?

Let’s be real, I love social media… I mean I love it!  

However I hate anything that everyone loves or just indulges themselves in because society told them to and you might just end reading this blog after I say this but that’s the exact reason why I don’t go crazy over Rihanna or Beyonce… because EVERYONE is like…

…IDK I can’t explain….

I listen and like some of their music but I don’t get excited for their birthdays, the launch of whatever or anything for them 🤦🏿‍♀️!

I do love that they are black successful women doing their damn thing though 💪🏿✊🏿

That is just me.

Let’s be real, our lives stopped being private years ago, years ago when we could upload pictures and videos of what we did over the weekend or the day before and…. now… …Everything is so instant (Instagram did that lol) which I think is just worst in terms of the usage of it.

Let us be real, as I get older I will be back on social media but currently in my early 20s it is making me feel as if I need to accomplish everything with one breath. I hate feeling pressured, I hate feeling like my life should be a certain way right now, at this very moment!

Reality that’s not true, reality is that I should pace  myself and do my own damn thing!

Let’s be real, social media makes us feel like shit sometimes.

Let’s be real nothing is private anymore, we now know a lot about someone that we don’t even know.

What a time to be alive! Lol

We now know what people are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner …EVERYDAY..

Let’s be real why do we know that again? Why do we know so much about people that we don’t know ?

It’s a serious question…please comment your opinions 😊

Let’s be real  we found out the exact time their flight landed in a different country and the activities that they have planned.

Privacy stop keep?

Let’s be real why do I know that again?

Let’s be real, I am not being pathetic but am I the only one that think persons are just over doing it when they take pictures of inside their homes?


Like…guys come on?


Let’s be real, we want persons to see how gorgeous our home is and how perfect our family life is perceived to be. But let’s be real we are all humans and no human being is perfect.

Let’s be real we like looking perfect on Instagram or any social media platform 🤷🏿‍♀️

Let’s be real, am I the only that think posting an expensive gift is just cliche and annoying?

You all know Kasi B…no? Well she is a popular Jamaican woman who is well educated and a successful entrepreneur ….oh I forgot to mention she is also girlfriend of the fastest man in the world (Usain Bolt)… yeah!

Her Instagram is everything to me, true definition of a woman… she make you know but you really don’t know.

You know….😉

And there are other persons out there who are just the same.

God bless uno 💋

A suh social media fi operate, mek dem know and mek dem think dem know but guess wah? Dem nuh really know!

Let us be real you are probably reading this and thinking

“Dah gyal ya badmine doh (this girl is envious)”


Let us continue being real… We post to show off and we post to show the BEST aspects of our lives. We want to prove to the world that look at my life… it is fabulous and everything is just perfect. Many of us are addicted and need the world to know what we are  up to at this very moment.

Let’s be real some posts are  literally screaming out to robbers ‘ COME TEK MI MONEY”

Let’s be real, our heart sinks when we are about to post and then our data decides not to work so we are on our phones hoping that there is an open or public Wifi and that it actually connects!

In this moment we are shaking and we are frustrated, our hearts has increased in beats and for some reason we are now having  a mood swing because now we can’t get our dose of dopamine in likes and comments!

Sigh 😔

Let’s be real we want to be exposed, we want to be seen because it is 2018 and everyone is doing it. 🤷🏿‍♀️

Let’s be real pictures that were once taboo are now the norm.👀

Let’s be real you won’t want to repeat your outift where you know pictures are going to be taken. 🤦🏿‍♀️ 

Haha😭 but as a wise Jamaican girl once said and I quote 

clothes fi repeat like dem dunce”

Let’s be real  “That outfit is already on Instagram” is a familiar thought 💭 

Let’s be real people are being depressed seeing everyone live a fabulous life on the gram, the gram makes everything better.

Trust me I know.

Let’s be real, I don’t need to know you to know you. Your social media just told be what I needed to know. But I am wrong it told me what you wanted me to know which is still enough information to know you with still not every seeing you in my life.

I decided that I want to be that girl, the girl who is unexposed, different, I literally feel uncomfortable posting like I don’t know who is seeing me 🤷🏿‍♀️ 

I let people seeehat I want them see and when I want them to see


Let me be real.

It feels great to be disconnected, it feels great not seeing people, it feels great not knowing expect for what is right in front of me. It feels so good I can’t explain how good it feel to just be a mystery and have people wonder.


You know what also feels good, not wasting time browsing and watching people live their lives, instead of waking up to social media I thank God for waking me up and head straight on Youtube and play the first inspirational video and get focused to conquer the day! 💫🧘🏿‍♀️

People have no idea the impact social media has, ONE post can ruin your entire day.😒

Let’s be real.

It does that…

That is why I have taken the initiative to run my day and run my life the way I want it to run.

Lets be real we don’t know what struggles people are facing but what we do know is that their gram is on FIRE and all of sudden we want to live their life. 🙄🤔

Lets be real with ourselves and evaluate what we post and who we let in.

This blog post is coming from someone who is into social media and truly sees it as an investment. However this blog post is also coming from someone who also thinks that the way social media is being used matters.

Many successful persons today did not have social media in their teens or early twenties.

Remember that your Kings and Queens 


#SocialMedia #DiconnectToConnect #Privacy #Exposed #SocialLife #BeReal #LiveYouLife #BestMoments


Thanks For Reading

I appreciate you🙏🏿





4 thoughts on “LET’S BE REAL

  1. This is such a relevant post. I love social media because of how a test it keeps me. However, I honestly believe that humans are not made up to be this hyperconnected. I think that’s the reason people feel burnt out so early in life too. Social media is just a mere fraction of the issue at hand, but a big issue none the less. I always live by the mantra of running your own race. People may look on my feed and say wow she is well travelled and live a perfect life, or wow she must have money to be able to travel. Which is the complete opposite of my reality. On another note I have recently taken a break from social media because it can take up too much of your time and I’d like to invest time in some hobbies and getting social contact with people face to face. It has been refreshing so far and I’ve achieved alot in the small time frame. I’ll be back on social media soon, but hopefully with a more controlled mindset.

    1. Thanks so much! I honestly feel like there is a handful of us who truly see the damage it is causing !

      Yes I totally get you on that one I am totally off Instagram and Facebook they are very consuming I rather invest the time in my little blog and other personal development activities

  2. You are not alone…I have a long list of things that I want to accomplish and when I get on instagram, I just feel like I see a bunch of people that blinked and there were successful lol. That’s not true though, because no one instagrams the process, the no’s, the disappointments, etc. and that’s really the only part of the process that matters is the Journey. I used to get so down on myself cause my classmates from high school were “flexing on the gram” on vacation and eating a fancy restaurants, when in reality, they can’t even pay their rent on time. So I just unfollowed anyone that makes me feel insecure about my journey, and I follow a bunch of positive people, travel photo, foodies, etc. things that I’m interested in to keep me motivated to keep on my journey! it’s a process, but I really appreciate your honesty you said a lot of things I think all the time haha!

    1. Oh my gosh yes! Your comment means so much to me and just the same for me Knowing that the journey is an actual process and not over night success

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