2AM Thoughts of a 20-Something Year Old


2AM Thoughts of a 20-Something Year Old.


Honestly I am not sure what influenced me to pick up this laptop to blog but I guess I felt inspired and plus I am currently listening to Beres Hammond Album- Never Ending. He inspires me, one day I would love to meet the man! 

Anyways moving on…

Yesterday I was asked by two different persons ” How do I get time to….” and I have heard this question many times and it is usually followed by gym, run, experience new places, school, work, blog, posts pictures and videos, etc

So lets get to that….

First of all I am a millennial, so sleep is just a concept, however let me tell you the disadvantage of me going and going and going and not getting sufficient rest… my body eventually starts to shake me up, most times with a headache  indicating to me that it needs rest and if my body had a voice it would say


I am really poor at time management, but I tell myself that I am good and that is also the answer I give to such questions  and in telling myself that  I am good at Time Management, I believe I am getting better….

Why is this? 

I am a firm believer in claiming what I want in life and telling myself sweet and positive things I eventually believe it and once I believe something it is easier for me to perform in such manner. I know it is not as simple and easy as it sounds but please just believe me when I say if you do the same it will work out in your favour.

As you wake in the mornings before checking messages and social media  tell yourself: 

” Today is going to be a good day”

“I am calm and confident”

” I will jump any obstacles in my way”

“I will win”

How this work is the power of your mindset, the power of affirmations, the power of your thoughts and what you believe in….knowing that you want success and a great future is enough to get you started.


I promise you, I have no doubt… if you tell yourself “I AM…..and I CAN”…..there is no force nor energy that can come between you and your goals. Telling yourself wonderful and positive words and claiming what you want from the universe WILL HELP! 😌

Another important factor is showing gratitude and reminding yourself that you are blessed, enjoy this moment in life, own it and live it. Thanking God and the universe for your everything you have.

I know not everyone believes in a God  and I respect that. However for my life God has glorified it in a number of ways, he keeps working in ways I can’t explain but just knowing when great things occur it was God. There were many times I had no idea of a particular outcome… “Will it be in my favour ? or not?” I would ask myself and the words that easily flows out of my mouth are:

” God will find a way, he did not bring me this far to leave me”

My faith in God is strong like my legs (LOL), just like how I work my legs in the gym for them to get stronger, I also work my faith, by just continuing to have faith after faith after faith and reminding myself that there is a season for everything which always leads me to say, especially when things don’t work out as planned:

“God’s timing, not mine”

Just start telling yourself and feeding your mind wonderful things!


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Thanks For Reading

I appreciate you🙏🏿






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