Day 301/365

Hey Readers!


So here is the story…

 I have learned that if I am not sure of what I want in life, I will never know who I want in life or who is compatible with me. 

The person I am currently dating is so lovable, we have many dates which includes breakfast and lunch dates all the time, where we eat (duh), read and gossip (LOL)

I am totally in love with them, no matter what… I know for sure they will love me for me, they understand my shift in moods, they understand that I am not always sunshine and rainbows; but also, I can be hurricane Kris on other days. They understand my needs and wants, they know I have my times when I want to be consumed in the company of others chatting a way and there are times when I just need time to be alone, to reflect on myself, my journey, how far I have came (WHAT?….let us just continue …) and how far I am going. 

The love of my life knows what I love to eat because they cook for me all the time, they know what music I like because they play it my kind of music all the time, they understand that I love to be cuddled and I love to be left alone, they understand that I am different and they have to understand that I love my space.

Daily we make plans for the future on how we are going to continue in believing, having faith and patience that one day we will conquer the world, build a future because… as I have said many times before in many of my blogs prior, this is not for the now, this is for the LEGACY that will be left behind! 💪🏿


With that being said, I am  totally a single 20-something year old dating herself, I strongly believe in taking care of  my self first and then the entire universe will align with me. So I remain focused knowing that I will never settle for just any man, he has to be pretty awesome.

Hi baby I am already rooting for you!

I will be with someone who is goal driven, hardworking, possess a growth mindset, believe in self-love, self-care and  he is able overcome his obstacles by having positive thoughts,  faith in himself and kindness in his heart. 



I am a different kind of  woman. With me you have to just know me,understand certain things, be patient and learn who I am as a person. 


I have a very good friend that said I am not a trial and error type of girl, for someone to be able to date me they have to know exactly what they are doing……. when he said that I wondered to myself….


I then said to him “Maybe I need to ease up a bit and not let certain things get to me”🤷🏿‍♀️, but then he  advise me with a “NAH” and continued to let me know that I should never do that because that is how a f*ck nigga 🤬 will enter my life and make everything worst. 

I easily said

“Point taken” 🙃

I know I would never settle, I would rather be alone.

I also know I will find my future husband because I have an abundance of love in my heart ready to be shared with him and our children. 💕💫

But in the meantime , I am just building myself, dating myself and loving myself (hehe, I did it again).  As a young millennial woman I have to ensure I know exactly what I want in life and there is no better way in doing that than knowing who I am inside-out before getting to know someone inside out😏, getting to love my flaws before I am able to love someone else’s flaws, understanding my moods before I am able to understand someone else’s moods, understanding my coping mechanism for different reasons before…..

You get the point, right?

and overall just being comfortable in my OWN SKIN! 

My formula is simple: Patience, Faith, Belief and an abundance of Self Love & Care 

P.S persons who say things like:

“I know my significant other more than I know myself”

I will never understand that feeling, I am sorry 🤷🏿‍♀️ 

However I may say:

” I am learning so much about my significant other, almost as much as I know myself”

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Thanks For Reading

I appreciate you🙏🏿








2 thoughts on “I’M DATING THE LOVE OF MY LIFE ♥️😍

  1. Really epic blog and its soo true I felt every word of this just by reading through….. Continue to write continue to inspire… You are awesome..

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