62 days to let that shxt go!


Hello Readers and hello November 👋🏿

I am truly blessed and grateful that I got to see the first day of November 2018. Day 303 of the year 🤗

We all have 62 days in the year of  2018…

Sixty two days to get our shxt together  and let go of  unnecessary and negative  shxt before 2019 hits !

We can do it!

I am already eliminating certain things and possibly people out of my life. No one thing or person is worth bad vibes and energy. An important life lesson I hold unto dearly is that: If a situation  that you are not in favour of occurs once and you let it slide that one time…and then it occurs again……


Especially if you can clearly see a negative situation coming out of it or it have a high possibility of leaving you in a bad mood…

I  am here to tell you to let GO.

I am sure you would not take your money and invest it into something that you know will not give a favourable outcome. I am right, eh? 


Start treating your energy like your money 💰 , if you know an activity or someone won’t give a favourable outcome, personally, why invest your energy in that situation ? Your energy is more valuable than any cash or asset that you will ever obtain, start treating it accordingly!


Let that shxt go!


You got 62 days! 🤗💪🏿


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Thanks For Reading

I appreciate you🙏🏿




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