Constant Change & Growth


Happy Sunday! 

I always say this and I will say it again, because it’s true, it’s amazing and I am grateful that it happens in my life. 

The person I was couple months ago, much less a year, is not the same person I am now. I look back and I literally say

“Wow, this is why patience is so important in my life”

I look back on everything, last year I spoke things over my life, good things of course and I also had to put in the work, because God only help those who help themselves. So of course I worked my ass off and is still working my ass off.

Yes there are those days where I can’t go, I can’t focus and the negative thoughts try to cease the moment but of course I never give them the opportunity to take my positive shine a way, I shut them down by distracting myself by repeating…

Tomorrow will be a new day, just try and get thru this one, YOU GOT THIS KRIS!” 

Yep. I talk to myself 🤦🏿‍♀️


I am extremely grateful for my constant change and growth.

Change and growth are actually the most constant things in my life and truth be told…

I always will want them to be constant, for the better!  God and the universe are working in my favor because I am never afraid to ask them for what I want and tell them what I believe in !




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Thanks For Reading

I appreciate you🙏🏿




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