Travel Tip – Packing😒

Travel Tips by KrissyWilby




When packing ask yourself these four questions and then pack accordingly:


1. International/Domestic- Will I be traveling within the country or leaving? 

2. Purpose – What is my reason for traveling?

3. Potential Venues/Events – Where will I be going/what will I be doing?

4. Duration – How long will I be staying ?


One thing I have developed is a packing skill (I think), when it comes on to clothes, I no longer travel with a lot. Younger me would just throw things in ( not literally), I fold or roll my clothes, thank you 😬

I no longer go through the things in my room and think…

“I will need that, and that, oh and that!”

I analyze my purpose for traveling and possible places I will be going and what outfits I might need for those occasions. I always have a winning or “BASHMENT” outfit, along with a pair of heels and a swim suit ( yes, when I am in Canada too..indoor and heating pools are real) and because you  really never know 😊

I will have the same accessories worn everywhere for my entire trip, once again this depends on my purpose for traveling. If I will be attending an extra special or “fancy” event, these will be accessories to go with my “BASHMENT” outfit.

I take into consideration how long I will be staying, for example for the weekend, 1-2 weeks, a month, etc. Therefore I know what NECESSITIES (underwear/ bras) to travel with and the amount 🙂

Travel pouches are a win.. toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, brush, deodorant, lotion, body wash… if you are female (sanitary napkins, gravol and pain killers) and anything you know you will need being away from home. With having that pouch those things remain in there and never leave that pouch. Therefore when packing you know your essentials are in tip top shape, so just grab and go!

& remember travel does not always mean international, a weekend in the country country (lol) or city near you surely counts too 🙂

Hope I helped you in some shape or form!

Picture taken by me Location: May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica



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3 thoughts on “Travel Tip – Packing😒

  1. Picking out outfits ahead of packing has also proved to be a space and time saver for me. I try to minimize articles of clothing by using 1 piece for more than 1 outfits, so that also gives me more options using less space. As for accessories, I’m different in that I pick accessories for each outfit lol, some may be shared but I keep them all together in their own pouch. Definitely agree that travel doesn’t have to mean international; my regular local trips are a testiment 🙂 Cheers to even more travel this year!

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