10 Things to remember when going through difficult times 🤗

10 Things to remember when going through difficult times 🤗

by Krissy Wilby


We all have those days, we all have challenges and it is our responsibility to tackle our days and emotions accordingly.

Here is a list I constructed that has helped me overcome some difficult days and I am hoping it can do the same for you also:

1. Stop overthinking 

2. You have had challenges before and overcame them.

3. Rome was not built in a day. – Things take time. -Be patient. 

4. Things will change & nothing lasts  forever.

5. Loving yourself, making yourself a priority and knowing you are enough will take you a far way. 

6. Difficult times comes with experience, growth and many lessons.- Look on the bright side.

7. Be happy. -Live in the moment and have fun.

8. Have positive thoughts and daily affirmations. – Today will be a great day, I am amazing, I am enough. 💕

9. Spread love and kindness everywhere. – You never know what storm someone else is facing.



God makes everything happen for a reason. We just have to trust Him. He knows…
This picture is not owned by me. I extend credit to Pinterest.


Stay true to yourself, remember you are you and you are absolutely beautiful 💋

#IAmEnough 💕 

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Thanks For Reading

I appreciate you🙏🏿





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