Happy International Women’s Day 🌍🥂

This letter is dedicated to every woman that I have come across and they have given me hope and motivation in someway or form. To the women I know in real life, met on social media or never even met just came across your story. 

This is for you 🤗


Dear Strong Woman,

I appreciate your efforts, hard work and contribution to the betterment of society. No need for cliches but you are PHENOMENAL.


Even on your low days you are unbothered by it all for you know not all days are sunny and glamorous, you are so understanding, caring and kind.

Oh strong woman, how you balance work life, family life and social life amazes me. Thanks for showing me that the world has no limitations for us being leaders, mothers and wives all at the same time. How you tackle the  job/ career  that was once known as a “man’s job”,  and doing it all while PMS-ing, on your period, pregnant, or in heels. Just all things a man could never experience empowers me to continue working hard on my journey and that giving up is not an option. 

Strong woman thank-you for showing me that resting to rejuvenate, self care, self love and time for self is always an important factor in success. Strong woman you are beautiful, elegant & powerful.

Independent woman, I truly admire you.

I am happy I came across you.

Keep going, you are enough.

Yours truly,

Another strong woman ❤️


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