My Jumps are Necessary

One of the best decision to date was the fact I left my home country the third largest Caribbean ISLAND to LIVE, in the worlds second largest country. Anyone who told your that their transition from living in one country to the next is easy and fabulous probably lied and I said probably 😂🤷🏿‍♀️

Oh Canada!

We the North! 🇨🇦


“No no, I will pay for it”

Yesterday I was reflecting on my life and telling someone how I am pretty Canadianized, lol. 100% Jamaican and I absolutely love my country but I have really adapted to the Canadian culture in a number of way, I have my favourite Canadian meals and bevearages, I find a sunny 11 degrees Celsius the perfect kind of weather, I enjoy the easiest of meals, still love to cook though… so many other things. 😂

True gratitude was when I realized how necessary Canada was for my growth both physically and mentally, developing my disciplinary skills allowed me to practice faith and patience at a deeper level which allowed me to be closer to God. I am still learning that you can’t stay one place for too long, you have to to go find yourself in the world 🌎, you have to take scary jumps, these jumps are not easy but I needed Canada so I could have matured in the beautiful young lady I am today.

I will always be thankful for my journey and opportunities that I have received and I say thank you in advance for opportunities that are on its way and are already mine, thank you. 🥰

“Humble calf suck di most milk”



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Thanks For Reading

I appreciate you🙏🏿




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