Yes, I know I have been at a distance for a very long time… However I got inspired to write a blog. 

So here I am..

I was waiting for this moment and it finally arrived.

I have been trying to figure out life and all this adult-ing shit that comes with it and I oftentimes feel very overwhelmed with what’s going on…

…Like overwhelmed, overwhelmed to the point where I wonder if I am doing too much, doing too little, doing the wrong things or I just don’t know how to say no?

I am understanding that I work off my energy, my energy tells me what I see myself doing or what I NEED to be doing, of course, my energy comes from the guidance of God……or at least that is my belief 🙂

Am I doing enough to give myself the successful life I dream of? 

I oftentimes ask myself that because of who I am as a person…

My energy vibrates on a much higher wavelength than any other. I know because I have spent enough time with myself to be confident enough to say what I just said…

Yet I still question myself …


“Am I enough? ”

“Am I going to be better?”

“Are my enough?”

In asking myself these negative questions I fall into the trap of actually thinking and feeling as if  I am not enough and that I am not doing enough. I then think about all the things that need to be accomplished and the weight becomes so unbearable and I eventually crash,  then I stumble.

The mental burden is real…

Your thoughts are so important to your happiness and your well-being.

The thought I want to leave with you my loves, my supporters, my readers is the fact that once again.. I am learning acceptance.

Accepting where I am in life at this very moment is very important, wishing for things to be different is a waste of my energy…

Acceptance is a more efficient use of my energy, by simply accepting what is happening… right now… in my life.


I am having the honey bee mentality which is always a win…

All I do each day is accept my life and allow myself to see the positivity in every situation..where I see my growth and if I can see a little light that simply means there is hope and there are more opportunities out there for me in this life, so I need to do what it takes and KEEP GOING.

USING ALL THE ENERGY IT TAKES FOR ME TO KEEP GOING in order for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel because I already know it is there.


For me this means there is a way out, no matter how a day might look dark, there are going to be sunny days ahead of me.




Current song: Can’t hold we down by Kano (Ft. Popcaan)

I love it because I just saw Popcaan’s growth, I remember him in his video ‘Dream’ to now seeing him in this video with Kano wearing his Moncler puffer jacket.

That’s dope.

I see that.


That came with not giving up on yourself and I am happy that I was reminded of that.


If I should look at all the negatives in my life it would lead me astray.  Yeah, we all have those negative thoughts as humans but that is where we should remember to always overcome and allow the day to happpen and MOVE ON.

I am learning not to overthink and not to worry. I oftentimes find myself worrying about a moment that has not even arrived…what helps me is having faith, hope and belief in my life.



I will reinforce that… just simply have faith, hope, and belief that your future will be better and better with each stage in life…

& ACCEPTING that there are going to be some real shit days because trust me love there are more character-building days ahead of us!

Keep going my love.

Keep going.


Thank you for reading.

#ONELOVE #JamaicanBlogger #2020Vision #SelfLove #Kindness #KeepGoing #Xplorinspire #JamaicanLivingInCanada 

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