Pandemic? Rawtid Now.

March 22, 2020

2:00 pm 

Wah Gwan Readers!


I decided to crawl out of the hole where I was hiding for me not to get to blogging but… At last…

Here I am…I crawled out.

Quick summary on 2020. (I mean, it is only March)

This year has been a roller-coaster ride and currently, this roller-coaster got stuck and now has the entire world upside-down, we are all patiently waiting for this ride to continue rolling and of course, you all probably know exactly why I am here.

COVID-19 probably? 

Yup, the city I currently live in is slowly closing down because of COVID-19.

You know the big bad virus the World Health Organization (WHO) classified as a Pandemic on March 11, 2020. #Pandemic 


Kevin Hart Stare GIF



Nobody at all:

The Entire World (especially Jamaicans) :




Presidents and Prime Ministers Everywhere :



Never in my life have I experience such ‘drama’ such as the one that is happening now. Honestly, the blessing behind this, is that it is not just one country’s problem it is a worldwide problem and we are all facing this together. And for that reason, it makes it LESS hard to deal with and a little bit more comforting to know that the entire world can relate to each other from behind our screens.

You know, because social distancing is a thing now.

Many citizens across the world (including myself) are unable to go home to their motherland even if they wanted to. Borders have been closed, flights and sea travels have been restricted. Basically, the world has come to a halt and all travelling have ceased. 

What does that mean for the dreamers who want to be travellers? Should they give up on their dreams?

NO, we are not giving up- we will overcome. The World is facing an obstacle that will make us stronger and better than before.

I believe. 

I know I am not the only one thinking about the days, weeks and months ahead. We are all thinking and wondering if life will be the same after this…

I am here to tell you, life will not be the same after we have recovered from this Pandemic. There has to be a change for us NOT to experience this roller-coaster ride again and I have already accepted that.

My advice is that we should accept the pandemic, it is already here, it is already happening, just accept it.  Secondly, the preparation of our mindset for the adaptation of the changes that are about to happen. Thirdly, if you are not working just be productive, be productive, find something to do. JUST TRY!

Remember all those times you wished you had more time to do more things to better yourself…

Well, sweetheart…

here you go set it off GIF

Most importantly… it is really the ability to adapt to the circumstances is what will keep us afloat. We should not be fearful even though it is in our human nature…

So hear what you do, just say…

“Hello fear, how are you doing today?”

It is scary, we are all scared but having that little faith and optimism as small as a mustard seed will take us far.

I am probably not the only one that is looking into themselves and realizing that they have surpassed the number of times they ever washed and hand sanitize their hands for any given year and as I said… it is only March of 2020.

That is my reality. 

The Lord is my light and my salvation. I shall not be afraid of this pandemic. 


Have a blessed day. 

Thanks for reading.

#OneLove #OneWorld

In all the chaos and hustle of day to day life it is important to set some time aside and make sure you pray to God and praise God in order to think on a higher level of consciousness. You will be connecting and communing with God and elevating your mind at the same time. It will also strengthen you. Find out how to do that and grab your free prayer guide gift at the end of my article.

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